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Spyder 300 Softail Motorcycle
$4,295 MSRP
The Spyder 300 is a affordable, dependable, low, lean and agile full size cruiser custom designed by Johnny Pag.
Spyders feature a raked front end with offset triple trees
for smooth handling at cruising speeds of 70 mph
 with an average fuel consumption of 60 mph.
Talk about bang for your buck!

DOT & CARB Certified
60 MPG Average
4 Gallon Gas Tank
300cc Wet Sump Liquid Cooled Engine
5 Speed Transmission
12 Volt Electrical System with onboard Prewired
Auxiliary Battery Charger
Dual Carbs
Dual Disc Brakes Front with Single Disc Brake Rear
Chrome Rims
6 Month Factory Warranty
Backed by a well stocked  Dealer Service Network

Available Colors
Solid Black no flames
Black, Blue, Red or Silver with Flames

300 Spyder Paint Black Flame 300 Spyder Paint Blue Flame
300 Spyder Paint Red Flame 300 Spyder Paint Silver Flame

300 Spyder Paint Rear Fender Flames

300 Spyder Softail Motorcycle 3 Models
300 Spyder Softail Motorcycle Riding
300 Spyder Softail Motorcycle Riding
300 Spyder Softail Motorcycle with 2 up Seat & Sissy Bar

Financing Available through:

Check your local bank or Credit Union
For the not so perfect credit
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